Espiritu Santo Bay

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Espiritu Santo Bay lies off the southern tip of Punta Pájaros. Often referred to as the last frontier of Yucatan flats fishing, Espiritu Santo is difficult to reach from anywhere other than Playa Blanca Lodge. At approximately half the width of Ascension Bay, Espiritu Santo is a smaller but equally impressive fishery. Multiple river systems pour into the bay over limestone bottoms, depositing an area of rich sediment that bonefish and permit are often found tailing in. The mangroves that line these rivers provide perfect habitat for tarpon and snook and an ideal situation for a super grand slam. The bay itself is edged by vast sand flats, perfect for wading, while the deeper water can be a great place to find cruising permit schools. Due to the remoteness of Espiritu Santo Bay, fishing pressure remains light. A local lobster boat or one of your lodge mates is usually the only traffic you will see while out on the water. Runs to the fishing can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.