Boats and Equipment

Casa Blanca Boats


At Casa & Playa Blanca we understand the importance of reliable, well-kept equipment. We take great care of our boats and motors to ensure they’ll take great care of our customers.



Casa & Playa Blanca guests fish out of 16-foot Dolphin Super-Skiffs, the perfect boat to stalk wary fish on the flats. Our skiffs are smaller and considerably more maneuverable than the traditional pangas used elsewhere in Mexico. Our skiffs also have lean bar capability for those wanting a little added stability up on the casting deck.


Our brand-new fleet of four-stroke 50 HP Yamaha motors are not only fast and dependable, but also much better for the environment than the more common two strokes. To further increase performance and smooth out the ride, we have fitted all motors with Doel-fin hydrofoils.


For added safety on the water, all guides carry VHF marine radios to communicate with one another and the lodge if necessary. Thanks to our recently installed signal-boosting repeater, our guides can communicate from even the deepest reaches of the fishery.