The Seasons

CBAug (99 of 100)_resizeFALL:

Our fall fishing season typically begins the first Saturday in October and lasts through November. Weather at this time of year can be stormy, but the fishing is excellent. The lack of angling pressure during the previous months combined with warm water temps can result in huge payoffs for anglers willing to risk getting wet.



December through February are lovely months on the island of Punta Pájaros, with the lowest humidity of the year, typically light breezes, and few boats out on the water.  These months can feature some of the best weather-and fishing- of the season, but anglers during that time do run the risk of a cold front. Cold fronts tend to pass quickly, and seldom affect fishing for more than a day or two.



The months of March, April and May bring stabilizing weather and pleasant temperatures overall, with warming water trends and increasingly active fish. Lengthening days and the changing angle of the sun make for optimal light conditions on the flats. The main challenge to spring fishing is the wind, which tends to strengthen as winter gives way to early spring.



June through August are our hottest and rainiest months, but the summer season also has distinct advantages. With water temps at their warmest, flats fish are at their most active, and the bays are void of fishermen as most area lodges close. Our off-season typically begins on the first week in July. During this time we focus on repairs and renovations for the upcoming season, however we are happy to open Casa Blanca Lodge for parties of six or more with advance notice.