A Typical Day

A Typical DayCasa Blanca

Anglers at Casa Blanca start the day with the sunrise over the Caribbean and a delicious made to order breakfast, served from six to seven. Hot coffee is always ready by five a.m. in the main lodge, or can be delivered to the room, as desired.

Guides are ready to go any time after seven, anglers need only make their way to the waiting skiffs by the pier. Casa Blanca’s close proximity to the prime fishing areas in Ascension Bay means less travel time and more hours on the water than any other area fishing lodges.

Anglers typically return to the lodge in late afternoon. Some guests indulge in swims or massages, while others relax and reflect with cold drinks, tasty appetizers and good friends.


Playa Blanca

Like Casa Blanca, the fishing program at Playa starts with the sunrise, hand delivered coffee, and a delicious made to order breakfast from six to seven.

Anglers then load up into the lodge truck for the five-minute ride to the Santa Rosa Lagoon pier or the ten-minute ride to Sacrificio flat, where skiffs and guides await.

Fishermen return home at approximately four p.m., and are driven back to the lodge for waiting appetizers and drinks. Many guests choose to spend the hours before dinner at our beach palapa. Ten feet from the water with a stocked bar, beach towels and snorkel sets, it’s a fantastic place to pass the late afternoon hours.